Apple’s Best Product is Something You Can’t Buy

What many people don’t know about Apple, a company renowned for designing powerful, sleek, and premium machines, is that the company’s best invention is something you’ll never get to experience.

Apple’s headquarters, aptly named “Apple Park,” is without a doubt the most innovative, modern, and futuristic corporate base in the world; and with a five-billion-dollar price tag, Apple spared no expense.

The Spaceship

I’ll start out with the main building; which many people understandably refer to as “The Spaceship”. It was originally conceived by Steve Jobs, although he never lived to see the project through to completion.

Spaceship Campus
Source: Curbed San Francisco

As you can see, this is no ordinary office building. It features a unique ring-shaped design that is over 1,500 feet in diameter, making the structure wider than the Empire State Building is tall. At the center of the building is a 30 acre courtyard complete with walking trails, fruit orchards, and a pond.

Source: New York Times

The Glass 

Building upon the design style that Apple’s products are known for, Steve Jobs wanted a light, smooth, elegant building that was unique to Apple. To accomplish this, 872 curved glass sheets were affixed to the outside of the structure to create a clean, modern aesthetic.

Outside Walking
Source: Foster + Partners

Easy on the Environment

Another impressive feature of the building is its ability to “breathe.” The 4,300 concrete slabs that make up the floors and ceilings of the structure are hollow, allowing air to move freely inside them and throughout the structure. This essentially creates a natural HVAC system that keeps the building a comfortable temperature throughout most of the year without using electricity. There is, however, a traditional heating and cooling system that can be turned on when necessary.

Void Concrete Diagram
Source: Popular Science

In addition to the natural ventilation system to reduce electricity needs, the roof of the building is also covered with thousands of solar panels that eliminate Apple’s need to pull energy from the electric grid.

Solar Roof
Source: ABC News

The Landscape 

You’ve probably already noticed from the areal pictures just how unconventional the campus is with its use of space. Most of the property is green space. In fact, 80 percent of the total land area is left undeveloped, creating a natural, park-like setting. Over six miles of walking trails weave through the gentle hills covered in native grasses and shrubs. Over 8,000 drought-resistant trees were planted on the property to create a tranquil, environmentally friendly space in the middle of the city. The designers were able to achieve this by burying many of the facilities underground. Beneath the apple orchards and walking paths are parking garages, offices, and even an auditorium, all hidden from view in order to create a clean, pristine landscape.

Source: Quartz


Unfortunately for us, Apple is very private about what goes on inside their headquarters and rarely allows visitors. Because of this, there aren’t many pictures of the spaceship’s interior and it’s difficult to find detailed information about it. Much remains a mystery. However, from what we can see, it’s easy to understand why Apple built this place and why it cost so much — there’s simply nothing else like it in the world.

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